Become a Gibborim Brand Ambassador

A brand Ambassador for Gibborim must be a man willing to represent the Gibborim lifestyle. A lifestyle of facing every challenge as a hero, and giving 100% effort to follow King Jesus with excellence in every arena of life.

Here are the basic starting objectives for our brand Ambassadors:

  1. Be actively trying to live the lifestyle of a Gibborim in their body, soul and spirit.
  2. Be an active subscriber to
  3. Have a subscription of $50 or more of GN products monthly from

    You will earn commission on your own orders too. This effectively means you'll enjoy a 10% rebate on each order you place (just use the same account as your Ambassador account to earn commission).

    How to Apply

    1. If you meet these objectives, submit your application here.
      For the fastest approval, please use the same email address you use at and, and the Gibborim App.
    2. If you meet the above objectives, we will inform you via email and provide your referral information so you can start earning commission. Please keep an eye on your email box for more updates from our team (the email should come from

    Getting Started

    Approved GN Ambassadors will receive access to their ambassador portal as well as a custom link for their network to use during checkout. We also recommend you use the custom link option to create a link that's easy to read & remember (and say out loud), such as

    Then: share your link!  When others visit that link you'll 10% earn on every sale made, even future recurring subscription renewal orders. Commissions total must reach $100 before payout begins or else the commission will be used as “ammo” to the mission of GN.

      Your Referral Customers Win Too

      Customers that visit your link or use your coupon code get 5% off their first order (one-time per customer).